Brecksville is a community of the Western Reserve, founded in 1811. Colonel John Breck and several partners purchased the land now known as Brecksville in 1807. They sent a group of men to survey the land and prepare it for settlement. One of these surveyors, Seth Payne, returned in June of 1811 to settle with his family and act as a land agent for Colonel Breck.

In that same year, six other families came to Brecksville and then shortly thereafter, more families settled. Colonel Breck never settled in the town that was named after him, however, his three sons did.

The last member of the Breck family to settle in Brecksville was Dr. Theodore Breck, a great grandson of the Colonel. He practiced medicine in the Breck home on public square until his death in 1934.

Brecksville was incorporated as a village under the laws of the State of Ohio in 1921 and attained City status in 1960 by virtue of its population exceeding 5,000.

Extracted 24 Jun 2008 from the City of Brecksville Official Website.