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October 2, 2017
7:00 pm

Independence Civic Center

Presented by Wally Huskonen

MyHeritage, who had until recently sold Family Tree DNA tests, released their own ancestry test in November last year, which links in with their family tree building and record finding service. At $79, the test is more affordable than many others on the market, especially considering that it not only offers ethnicity analysis but includes a family finder feature. Finally, MyHeritage has a large customer base in Europe so it is quite efficient in making connections with cousins in the “old country.”

Wally is a member of CVGS and has served as editor of its newsletter Footsteps to the Past. He is a retired trade magazine journalist, who was serving as chief editor of two magazines. Metalproducing and Forging, when he retired. He has been involved in genealogical research for 25 years and is a member of many national and local genealogical organizations. He is currently very involved in DNA testing for finding connections with ancestors and living cousins.