First Last DOD Notes
  Richard Edward Alger 21-Jan-43 age 88 yrs 2 mos 29 days; buried W. Richfield; PD, New and Beacon death notices
  Susie Black 21-Feb-43 age 72 yrs; burial Bath Cemetery; Beacon death notice
  Archie Bell Black 11-Dec-43 age 51 yrs 10 mos 9 days; burial Crown Hill, Twinsburg; Death notice in Beacon
  Raymond Harris Bressette 24-Oct-43 age 44 yrs 6 mos 5 days
  Mina May Lockhart Brown 17-Jan-43 age 74 yrs 9 mos 23 days; buried E. Richfield Cemetery; PD and Beacon paper notices
  Harold Douglas Chambers 10-Sep-43 age 17 yrs 2 mos 1 day; shipped to Dawson Springs, KT
  Alvin Chavalier 30-Dec-43 age 75 yrs 2 mos 28 days; Death notices in Press, PD and News
  Carrol Etzel 9-Jan-43 infant; buried in Richfield
  Orpha Finn 14-Oct-43 age 20 yrs 5 mos 13 days; Paper notices
  F. William Gallagher 7-Apr-43 age 72 yrs 5 mos 14 days; burial in Brecksville Cemetery; Notices in Press PD and News
  Agnes Holeski 10-Mar-43 burial in Peninsula; Death notice
  Henry Klomfas 28-Nov-43 age 56 yrs; burial Crown Hill, Twinsburg; Death notices
  Horace Martin 26-Jan-43 age 53 yrs 3 mos 16 days; burial Crown Hill Cemetery, Twinsburg; PD, Press and News paper notices
  Minna Martin 17-Mar-43 Death notice; Tony Cornell
  Dora Blanche Meadows 28-Dec-43 age 67 yrs 15 days; buried in Elkton, West Virginia; Press paper notice
  Henry Roxbury 5-Apr-43 age 88 yrs 2 mos 9 days; burial in Richfield; Beacon death notice
  Mitalda Helen Schanz 11-Jun-43 age 62 yrs 7 mos 13 days; PD and Press paper notices; Mrs Jim Lavelle, daughter
  Ida May Singleton 24-Aug-43 age 80 yrs 8 mos 17 days; Death notice
  Mary Skrzenta 10-Jan-43 infant; age 1 mo 1 da
  Grace Leona Steiger 7-Jul-43 age 41 yrs 6 mos 14 days; Press, PD and News paper notices
  Anna Vavrock 17-Feb-43 age 64 yrs 6 mos 27 days; burial W. Richfield; Death notice in Press
  Raymond C. Viall 14-Aug-43 age 69 yrs 9 mos 16 days; Death notice
  Hilda Helen Virk 5-Sep-43 age 28 yrs 1 mo 4 days; Death notice
  Otto C. Williams 16-Nov-43 age 54 yrs 11 mos 1 day; burial in St. Louis