First Last DOD Notes
  Martha Fauble 1-Dec-36 age 91 yrs 9 mos; Notice in paper
  George Foster 26-Apr-36 Notice in papers
  Burt Garman 31-Jul-36 C.E. Garman
  George A. Gillett 17-May-36 Notice in paper
  Mary Francis Hickey 4-May-36 at Geo Klein; Hearse to Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburg PA; Paper notices in PD and Press
  Charles Eugene Hinskley ? 15-Oct-36 Notice in Press
  Blanch LeClair 4-Sep-36 Shipped to Youngstown
  Mary Mackey 19-Feb-36 PD death notice
  Frank E. McCreery 20-Jun-36 age 73 yrs 1 mos 11 days
  Willis McCrerry 29-Jul-36 Paper notices PD, News and Press
  Pauline McDongall 28-Oct-36 age 36 yrs; Calvary Cemetery; Notice in PD, Press and News papers
  Elisabeth Neubauer 22-Dec-36 age 78 yrs 7 mos 6 days; Riverside Cemetery, Cleveland; Press, PD and News death notices
  Christina Nolff 14-May-36  
  Thomas Rudgers 21-Jan-35 age 94 yrs 6 mos 3 days; at Alla Bourne's, Miller Rd; Paper notice
  Fred Sapsford 8-Dec-36 age 36 yrs 6 mos 6 days; Akron Beacon Journal Death notice
  Rudolph Schneider 4-May-36  
  Henry Timmerman 25-Jul-36