First Last DOD Notes
  Adelia Barr 2-Jan-32 age 85 yrs 5 mos 26 days; Paper notice PD and News
  Asa L. Farnsworth 22-Jan-32 age 78 yrs 6 days; Allen Stewart
  Infant Green 16-Nov-32 Child of Mary Oakes Green
  Jacob Hoffman 1-Aug-32 age 49 yrs; Cleveland
  Lizzie Hopkins 5-Jul-32 age 56 yrs 8 mos 4 days; Burt Hopkins; Paper notice
  John Hurakh ? 27-Jul-32  
  Pearl Dillow Long 29-Aug-32 57 yrs 6 mos 8 days; Died in Califonia; buried at Brecksville; James Reed
  Norman Aldine Morris 21-Aug-32 1 mos 25 days
  Fred Otto 23-May-32 age 65 yrs 3 mos 21 days
  George Pavolny 1-Jul-32 age 18 yrs 15 days; Paper notice
  Anna Riha 9-Feb-32 age 86 yrs 7 mos 17 days; Paper notice
  Edna M. Rockhold 18-May-32 age 45 yrs 11 days
  Edward Rogoneki ? 21-Jun-32  
  Agnes Roswell 14-Jan-32 Burial Northamton
  Adalaide Taul 23-Apr-32 age 36 yrs 4 mos 17 days; Paper notice PD, Press and News; Jack Taul and M L Hodson
  Virgil Wilcox 28-Jun-32 from Gallipolis, Ohio