First Last DOD Notes
  Hellen McCreery Birdsall 14-Mar-31 Paper notice
  Baby Breen 26-Mar-31  
  Cora E. Butler 25-Feb-31 age 63 yrs; Paper notice
  Iva (Breen) Chane 15-Sep-31 age 40 yrs; Orlo Breen; Flossie Packard; Stella Starr
  Ida Dillow 22-Apr-31 Brooklyn Hts Cemetery; Paper notice
  Dwight Foster 8-Aug-31 age 37 yrs 20 days; Paper notice
  Russell Hanslik 15-Sep-31 4 days; Buried in Rice Cemetery
  Frank Hrstka ? 1-Dec-31 Joe Vyrostek; Paper notice
  Gordon Hunter 30-Nov-31 age 11 yrs 7 mos 4 days; Paper notice
  Harriett E. Koates 26-Nov-31 age 61 yrs 4 mos 24 days
  Hattie Meacham 12-Apr-31 age 63; C.O. Bartlet; Paper notice
  Allen Mitchel 28-Feb-31 1 day old
  William Otto 22-Mar-31 57 yrs 10 mos 1 day; Paper notice
  Harry S. Parry 22-Sep-31 age 72 yrs 5 mos 26 days; Mildred Perry
  Arline Lillian Perram 6-Dec-31 age 16 days; Burial in Independence
  Willis Rice 10-Nov-31 age 60 yrs; Paper notice Press and PD
  Edward Buel Young 26-May-31 age 75 yrs; Ed Young and Frank Matejka; Paper notice