First Last DOD Notes
  Mary Wallace Bliss 8-Jan-26 daughter of Hiram Wallace
  Helen Burtscher 12-Nov-26  
  Walter Cunningham 19-Sep-26 30 yrs; motorscycle accident; Colson Hill Police duty; funeral held in Town Hall
  Georgia Ella Green 31-Jan-26 Paper notice
  Dora Harder 13-May-26 age 86 yrs; Dora Wiese
  Jane Harris 21-Jun-26 age 84 yrs; at Lizzie McCreery
  Rose Howe ? 28-Dec-26  
  Dustine E. Inman 28-May-26 age 79 yrs 10 mo 16 days; at C.E. Garman's
  Infant Larkman 11-Dec-26  
  Lizzie McCrerry 14-Jul-26 age 60 yrs 10 mo 23 days
  Lila May Plank 28-Feb-26  
  A. Rice 2-Nov-26 age 76 yrs; at Chapman and Harris Contractors, Jaite
  Baby Satink 7-Feb-26 1926 Mill Rd